Human performance is everything

We love technology. In fact, we've spent years using automation to help make jobs faster, easier and more fulfilling. If you're using technology right, you're improving human lives by adding value to their work. You underutilize the only unlimited resource:  human ingenuity. 

Recognize real potential

New technologies come with a list of promises. These gadgets languish in the basement surrounded by acolytes promising a breakthrough. We can get differentiated results through proven methods with available technology, because this is what we do

Deploy at scale

Once you understand the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other tools, how can they make a difference? How much value can they add? What new capabilities become possible? Are you stuck in proof of concept prison? Let's move the needle.

Improve the human condition

When automated teller machines were introduced, many assumed banks would eliminate 95% of bank positions. Today, even accounting for increased economic activity, there are almost twice as many as in 1970. And they earn almost 50% more after adjusting for inflation. The ATM is the best thing to happen to bank tellers since safety glass.  

Make waves

Are you falling into the trap of dropping some new gadget in the middle of a broken process? Are your benefits from robotics less than what the consultants promised? Are your AI benefits just around the corner after you pay 80 people to type in data and validate them? Do the regulators understand that machine learning models can be managed and validated just like human models can? 

Our projects

Having survived large consulting firms and made our share of fat stacks by putting butts in seats to turn them into robots, we realized we loved solving problems when we unleashed the power of humans to do what they do well.